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Our fast-paced society is rapidly increasing the demand for cars, windmills, electricity and communication systems. This leads to an ever-growing need for high-quality copper wire.
Solutions: Milform
At Cimcool we have developed unique Milform products answering the specific requirements in copper wire-drawing processes.
Characteristics and benefits:
Cimcool’s Milform products dedicated to copper wire-drawing have the following characteristics and benefits:
  • Excellent friction-reducing properties due to a synergistic combination of synthetic lubricants, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors replacing traditional emulsion-type products.
  • Mineral oil-free water-miscible fully synthetic drawing lubricants
  • Suitable for coarse as well as for medium and fine wire-drawing applications
  • Suitable for the production of copper, coated (Tin, Ni) copper and silver wires